TCC LE 14.00

Replaces the default Command Prompt in Windows OS
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Completely replaces the default Windows Command prompt and provides new functionality with support for 111 internal commands and 240 internal variables.

TCC LE is an enhanced command line editor that allows you to execute commands line by line just like the MS-DOS CMD but with more functions. TCC LE is the free version of TCC but it doesn't include some features. On first thought, it is exactly as the CMD but it includes more than 60 different internal commands, plus 97 internal variables, plus 130 variable functions. Internal variables provide information about the system and can be accessed as if they were environment variables in interactive commands, aliases, and batch files. Variable functions are similar to internal variables but they can take one or more parameters. The program includes help widely explained for each command, variable, and variable function. For a better explanation of each command, they are arranged in categories. The categories are: file and directory management, subdirectory management, input and output, window management commands, commands primarily for use in or with batch files and aliases, environment and path commands, system configuration and status, monitoring command, and others. OS supported: Microsoft Windows 2003, XP, Vista, and 2008.

Roberto Jimenez
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